DIANA ALONSO American History
Updated: 12/2/2019
DIANA ALONSO American History

Storyboard Text

  • American History
  • By- Judith OrtizStoryboard by- Diana Alonso
  • Elena and her mom move to New Jersey and stay in El building, El building is a building but for immigrants who have moved to the US.
  • John F. Kennedy died! Go home!
  • Elena started going to school, but she started getting bullied because of the way she looked and how she didn't fit in with the rest of the black girls.
  • Elena then sees from the fire escape that a new family has moved into the only house on the block, and it seems that the woman was the mom and the guy who looked elena's age was the son. Elena instantly fell in love with him and figured out that they were going to the same school.
  • That day the John F. Kennedy died, Elena was asked to study with Eugene at his house. Elena went home to get read then after she's done she sees her mom crying because of John F. Kennedy's death but she goes on anyways even when her mom told her she shouldn't.
  • Elena then goes to Eugene's house to study for the History test, but then his mom answers the door and tells Elena how she shouldn't see Eugene anymore or talk to him. Elena in shock goes home while crying but no one is home, she then cries out in her bed and realizes how reality actually is especially while being an immigrant.