Washing hands
Updated: 3/20/2020
Washing hands

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  • Okay
  • Make sure you wash your hands after you go outside to play basketball .
  • I forgot, it's not a big deal though.
  • Did you make sure to wash your hands?
  • I was only playing for about 15 minutes, I'll wash my hands later.
  • It's important that you wash your hands after doing anything physical to protect yourself from germs
  • I don't see what the big deal is.
  • No matter how long you have been playing, the basketball has many germs from other people who were touching it.
  • I wasn't aware that you could get sick from not washing your hands.
  • You need to wash your hands to get the germs off of you or you will get really sick
  • Okay, thanks for the advice!
  • Remember to use soap, warm water and get all around your hands.