Maria Alice Totó Mainente - Social Studies Storyboard (1st term)
Updated: 4/8/2021
Maria Alice Totó Mainente - Social Studies Storyboard (1st term)

Storyboard Text

  • HI MISS!
  •  HI MARIA!
  • About you Miss I appreciate everything! You are very calm and you teach very well!
  • I appreciate Social Studies classes, the fact that we learn about diferent cultures and traditions!
  • What you appreciate in Social Studies (the subject itself), what you appreciate about me. 
  • I think we have a awesome relationship! And it's affect the way I see the content, because you are very nice, so it motivete me to pay attention!
  • Do you think we have a good relationship? Does it affect the way you see the content? 
  • All of your explanations are very clear! You explain all the istructions when we have an activity, AA, etc.
  • Mention how clear or not clear are my explanations, is it clear what you have to do when I give you the activities ?
  •  The things that you bring to us help a lot! Like the game about migration, slides, etc!
  • Mention what are the things I bring to class that help you learn better.
  • The topics are relevent, because we learn different things, about different places! One example is the Migration!
  • Mention how relevant the topics we study are, give one example.