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Updated: 10/1/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Self-concept- This my beliefs in myself, my behaviors and personality. I believe that I am a good friend and a lovable person.
  • Self-image- This is our personal view to ourselves. I see myself as handsome, good at sports and games.
  • Self-Worth- This is how you value yourself and not by the others. I do the things that makes me happy and makes m feel worthy, such us playing games and basketball. This is how I value myself.
  • Self-efficacy-These are my beliefs that I can do something or my capacity to do performance or activity. I believe that I can excel on sports but I am but in academics especially in English.
  • Self-compassion- This is our way of handling the situation when we in the midst of failure and suffering. Me sometime when I am emotionally suffering I just want to stay in my room and cry, sometimes I want to hang-out with my friends to have fun and forget the problems