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Harrison Story
Updated: 9/15/2020
Harrison Story
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  • Exposition (Setting/what society is like)
  • "The year was 2081, and everybody was finally is equal"
  • Main conflict (Harrison Escapes)
  • "Harrison Bergeron... has just escaped from jail.."
  • Rising action (Harrison Takes over with his Queen)
  • "I shall now select my Empress!"
  • "Do you hear? I am the Emperor!"
  • This is introducing the plot and how society is in the future. It shows that people are 'finally equal'.
  • Climax (Diana Moon shoots them dead)
  • This shows that Harrison had escaped and no one should interact with him because he is considered dangerous.
  • Falling Action (George and Hazel forget what just happens)
  • "I forget....Something real sad on television."
  • This shows that Harrison had escaped and came to the studio to claim his leadership as emperor. It also shows he came to claim a queen a disregard the rules.
  • Resolution(Harrison is dead)
  • "Forget sad things...""I always do.."
  • This quote shows that Diana Moon had shown up and killed the Harrison and his empress 'solving' the problem.
  • "She fired twice,and the emperor and the empress were dead...."
  • This quote shows that both George and Hazel had forgotten what had just occurred.Ending the story.
  • These two quotes show that the solution was them forget everything due to the fact that it made everything go back to the way it was.
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