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Updated: 9/2/2020
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  • Civil War
  • "The Union and the Constitution"
  •  Freedmen's Bureau
  • Reconstruction
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  • Great Migration
  • Onto a new life.
  • The civil war started in 1865 between the northern and southern United States. The cause of the war was slavery, economic interests, state's rights, and westward expansion. In 1862, many African Americans joined the war to help the North. In 1865, the South surrendered to the North.
  • Brown V. Board of Education
  • Segregation in public schools are unconstitutional!
  • During the reconstruction, some amendments were passed to end slavery, give African American equal protection under law, and grant suffrage to black men. The congress also created freemen's bureau to help the poor African Americans. The south hated this so they sought to restore self rule.
  • Freedom Riders
  • The Great Migration was when 6 million African Americans from rural areas of the southern states moved to Urban area in the northern states.
  • Cesar Chavez Protest
  • Brown V. Board of Education is a supreme court case which took place in 1954. The justices decided that racial segregation of children in public schools were unconstitutional.
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  • Freedom riders were civil right activist who took a ride on the bus to the segregated states in southern united states. They were attacked when they entered whites only sitting area and then later got chased by the mob. The mob threw a bomb in the bus and the freedom riders escaped but got brutally beaten by the mob.
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  • Cesar Chavez was a Latino American civil rights activist who led marches, called for boycotts, and went on hunger strikes so farmers can get better pay, protection, and benefits.
  • We will not rest!
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