Updated: 3/8/2021

Storyboard Description

SO basically, I have not written the monologue I wanted to use for this piece but I want it to be a day through my eyes. I want to go through places that have shaped me and helped me. My establishing shot will be the sun setting on the city. I will use a silhouette to speak on my first part of the monologue and throughout the video, the lighting on me will brighten up starting on the arm that has my birth mark.. The train is my transitioning piece. I am not sure if I want to do a small movement piece or just watch people of New York move through the city. Still deciding.

Storyboard Text

  • WHO AM I?
  • I am a child, a sister,, an aunt, a lover, an artist, a human
  • This is Who am I and where I am meant to be