Coraline english storyboard
Updated: 2/14/2020
Coraline english storyboard
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  • Coraline was a girl who loved to explore, as her parents were always busy working she would look around her flat and backyard until one day it was raining so she decided to explore the door behind the drawing room, her mother said it was only a brick wall, but there was more than just that.
  • she opened the door and found pure darkness, no brick wall, just an infinity of nothing , so she decided to walk inside and kept walking until she found another door , which she opened,and found an exact replica of her home, but something was off.
  • She heard a women coming to her , like her mother, but she had pale, fragile skin and sharp, pointy teeth , and weirdest of them all, black buttons as eyes
  • before she knew it she was trapped in this alternate world and they wanted her to become "part of them", she was trapped in a closet where she met children's lost souls who told her to escape as fast as possible.
  • She also mad ea new friend , a cat , who knew how to talk and helped her , she and her "mother" were in a competition , if she found all the hidden souls she would save them and escape with her parents, but else , she would be trapped forever.
  • All that was left now was to find her parents and the 3 children , this was surely going to be her most exiting adventure of her whole lifetime, but if she lost she could lose her life , with hope and strength she went into this challenge...
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