Dear david
Updated: 7/21/2020
Dear david
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  • It was a cold evening in December. Arthur and his sisters were at his gGrandpa's house to listen to horror stories. Arthur wasn't really interested unlike his sisters Dandelion and Delilah.
  • This happened to me personally after my mother told me this story during the lockdown that happened due to a heavy snow storm.
  • There used to be a boy named David. He was extremely well behaved. One day, he was walking home when he noticed a little boy being bullied by 2 big guys. He decided to confront them
  • STOP!!!
  • The bullies let the other kid go and took David to the lake area and pushed him in unfortunately he drowned and died. On his death anniversary the two bullies were found dead in the lake
  • that day i saw a kid getting bullied i tried to go there but then suddenly i felt large droplets of water dropping on me i quickly got on my knees and apologized because i used to bully others too soon everything went back to normal
  • David's ghosts hunts people who bully others. To escape his wrath you must apologize sincerely otherwise he can kill you. He can come to test you anyday.
  • I am sorry David please forgive me!!
  • Then Grandpa finished the story and told them to go sleep. Arthur didn't believe a thing and continued to misbehave. When he was going to sleep in his room he saw a shadow. he thought it was a prank but then he saw the horrifying face of David as he said as he held an arrow:
  • Well aren't you going to apologize
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