School- lockdown- English class per.2
Updated: 2/11/2021
School- lockdown- English class per.2

Storyboard Text

  • Did you hear about COVID? We'll be fine but life will go crazy.
  • Yeah, I just hope we can still see each other!
  • Good morning! Oh, COVID is a virus, that affects your lungs. And we need to wear masks when we go out.
  • Hi mom! What is COVID-19?
  • Can he please go away!! Lockdown is driving me CRAZY!!
  • SISSY!!!
  • School was fine, not bad. Then COVID came and school closed. No more friends for me! But me and my friend didn't know that.
  • Yeah, let's go home.
  • My mom didn't know and didn't tell me how long we would be in lockdown. And she didn't tell me. My dad would have told me but no one knew enough to talk about it then.
  • It had been almost 2 months and my little brother Jonathan was driving me crazy!! And I hadn't talked to my friends in weeks. Also, the start of online school was so hard.
  • Now life is just like this, and I talk with my friends. My dad tells me about COVID and what's going on with it, my mom and I have gotten closer and I've kind of learned how to deal with my brother. School is easier but still hard. And Video games help me connect with friends, and we Skype with family more than we used to.
  • C'mon dad, let's go home! There are too many people without masks here.