Geography Storyboard 2
Updated: 1/2/2020
Geography Storyboard 2
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  • Hey! I found out that there were so many ways to create energy!
  • Of course! Let's go!
  • Cool! We should go see how some of them work!
  • So this is the first energy source! It is called tidal power and it uses ocean tides to make energy for us.
  • We are going to see how solar energy works!
  • That is so cool! What are the other kinds of energy we are going to see?
  • This is the next energy source called solar power. These panels behind us pick up sunlight and transfer it to energy.
  • Lets go to wind energy!
  • That is so crazy! I cannot wait to see the next one!
  • Now this is a wind mill farm! The wind turns the mills on each one and creates energy from the movement!
  • This one is definitely the coolest so far ! I can not wait to see the last one!
  • As you can see, we are in a mine where workers mine coal. Coal has some environmental impacts but was the first energy source to be used!
  • Woah! The air is definitely not clean under here. I can already feel the coal dust in my lungs!
  • I am so glad we went on that mini field trip! Now both of us has an understanding of what we use to fuel the earth!
  • Cool! See you tomorrow!
  • Yep! My favorite was definitely seeing all the windmills!
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