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APUSH Summer Assignment: Listening to the Past (Samuel Adams)
Updated: 9/14/2020
APUSH Summer Assignment: Listening to the Past (Samuel Adams)
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As David Cullough once iterated learning the past helps us behave better in the present. Samuel Adams one of our founding fathers, the former governor of Massachusetts and patriot emulates the idea of listening to the past. As a young man he established his oppositional, rebellious, beliefs from following John Locke, a philosopher who highly influenced the era of Enlightenment and live nearly half a century before Adams. These liberal ideals led him to be a strong leader in politics and revolt from the tyrannical English Monarchy.

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  • Hmmm, I think Samuel Adams is a great example of "Listening to the Past"
  • Samuel Adams
  • Hey that's me! When I was young I had 11 siblings and sadly I was one of the three that made it to adulthood.
  • We can do better!
  • John Locke's Teachings
  • life liberty property
  • In David McCullough's essay "History and knowing who we are" the author dives deep into the importance of learning the past for our betterment as humans in society. Samuel Adams embodies McCullough's idea of "Listening to the Past" where we identify our setbacks and connect to old ideas that invigorate new ones.
  • This is not my forte :/I care about colonial freedoms not beer!
  • Samuel Adams was born on September 27, 1722 into a wealthy, Puritan family in Boston, Massachusetts. From a young age, Adams had taken an interest in his father's political activism and such inquisitiveness shaped him as a future leader.
  • As a young adult he completed Boston Latin school and furthered his education at Harvard College. As he attended he studied the ideas of the philosopher John Locke that of those that helped contribute to the foundation of the Declaration of Independence in the near future.
  • After studying at Harvard College Adams went through a series of failed jobs that gave him insight on what was his calling. He attempted to run his father's malt business and because of the requisition of his parent's wealth (1741), to make ends meet he was also a tax collector. He resented the duty but it enlightened him on the lack of benefits the Colonies had with the taxes issued to them.
  • he's so contemptuous
  • Samuel Adams ruled that politics was his passion and grew popularity with his opinion-based newspaper "The Independent Advertiser"(1748). Adams was not fond of Britain's harsh placements of taxes, so he then led the radical group "The Sons of Liberty" to protest no taxation without representation.
  • Adams led the drafting of the Massachusetts Circular Letter that was shared to other colonies to boycott British goods in response to the Townshend Acts. Him confronting the British monarchy had arisen tensions between colonists and troops, unfortunately, leading to incidents such as the Boston Massacre.
  • !!!!
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