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Ava,s Hijab.
Updated: 2/12/2020
Ava,s Hijab.
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  • Ava:OMG that rag you war is so hideous!Zoy
  • Ava,s hijab
  • Wow, that's a meen post!
  • Ava,s hijab
  • 1
  • "I am a terrible person, my hijab is hideous !"
  • "thanks your the best!"
  • Ava,s hijab
  • "it was the least I could do!"
  • Zoy the bully at willow highschool posting the new kid/Ava, comment about her hijab and Ana sees the comment and thinks: Wow that,s a mean post!
  • Ava,s hijab
  • Zoy:HY, Zoy stop bullying Ava about her hijab.Ana(PS it is not a rag.)
  • Ava sees the comment and thinks she is terrible and her hijab is hideous.
  • Ava,s hijab
  • Ana and Ava:I am sorry about bullying you about your hijab I have never seen one before and I guess I was just jealous.Hay I will make it up to you want to come over t Ronalds and donalds with me?Zoy
  • Zoy:OF CORS!!!!Ava and Ana
  • Ana sends a text to Ava: Hy Ava what she sed about your hijab is not true! Don't to her, she had no right to say that. Ana.
  • Ava,s hijab
  • Ana texts Zoy and says to her to stop bullying her about her hijab.
  • Zoy realizes her mistake and says sorry!she invites them all to ronalds and donlds and they have a blast.
  • This is an example of cyberbullying, cyberbullying is not ok there is a person behind that screen, someone how has feelings! so wen you post something think to your self: is it me?, is it kind, will I regret this later?. If so DONT POST IT!!! Chang the comment so it is you it is kind and you wont regret it.
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