Chapter 5: Comic

Updated: 6/16/2021
Chapter 5: Comic

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This is a comic of Chapter 5 in the novel "Young Warrior"

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  • Meagan Lockwood1G16/06/2021
  • 2. Tommy: What is it Johnny?
  • 4. Charlie: What shall we do, Tommy? We can not fight them!!
  • 6. Tommy: We will have to do some scouting.
  • 5. Uriah: Tommy did not say we should fight them.
  • 1. Johnny: People.
  • 3. People!!!!
  • 7. David: Yes, we  should scout them
  • 9. Tommy: Tell them what? If we are going to scout let us start now.
  • 8. Charlie: No! Let us go tell the villagers!
  • 16: Johnny: Did you pick up the arrows and everything else on the ground?
  • 11. Tommy: Tommy nods angrily and shows David the swelling from the ant bites.
  • 15. Charlie: Croaked.... The passed right by me. I could have touched them...
  • 10. David: What's wrong Tommy? Were you frightened?
  • 12. Oh no!!
  • 13. Did you count the number of soldiers?
  • 14. Twenty.
  • 18. Johnny: I hope you did for I think one of them is suspicious. He is coming back
  • 23: Tommy: Everyone stop that!! Anyone of us could have made a mistake. We must get back to Mountain Top quickly.
  • 20. I'm sorry, I really thought I picked them up. However, no harm has been done.
  • 17. Charlie: Of course, what do you take me for?
  • 21. David: Oh no, you only nearly got us all killed or captured. I don't know how you were made into a young warrior.
  • 19. Uriah: So you picked them all up did you? Would you like to know what we think of you?
  • 25: Johnny: One of us will have to go.
  • 23. Tommy: We will hold a council. Charlie, have you anything to say?
  • 27. That is it. Johnny and I will go.
  • 26. Johnny: The rest of us will come slowly bringing the game.
  • 28: Why don't you take Charlie with instead since he won the race at Lookout Rock?
  • 24: Uriah: The trouble is we have birds and coneys. It would be hard for us to travel swiftly.
  • 29: Tommy: Charlie wouldn't mind if I take Johnny. He will help to bring in the game. For he is stronger than Johnny and can carry a heavy load.
  • 32. Tommy: Never mind that- let us be going now. You know where coneys are. Watch out for Redcoats. They are noisy and shouldn't run into them by mistake but you can never tell. Walk good.
  • 30. Charlie: Yes, yes, I will help with the load.