Phaethon and sun chariot
Updated: 5/3/2019
Phaethon and sun chariot

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  • The Beginning
  • My father is Helios, The most brightest God of them all, The God of Sun
  • My father always riding The Sun Chariot, to make the sun rise and the sun sets. EVERYDAY
  • We are tired listening to you Phaethon
  • Rising Action
  • My father will soon letting me to ride The Legendary Sun Chariot
  • It is impossible for your father to letting you ride The Sun Chariot
  • You still a kid, just like us
  • Rising Action
  • Father, when are you going to let me ride The Sun Chariot?
  • Okay, just for this time only. To prove your worth to ride The Sun Chariot
  • Phaethon was the son of Helios, the God of Sun, that always bragging about his parents, even to those who doesn't want to listens. He also always bragging about how important his father's job was, which is to bring out The Sun everyday
  • Climax
  • His friends in the other hand has gone wary about the same story that Phaethon told everyday. Until the point that Phaethon's friend did not trust him anymore. No way that Helios would not give such important task to Phaethon, considering that he is still a kid like his friends.
  • Climax
  • Phaethon begging to his father, to let him ride The Sun Chariot. He ask Helios after he sets The Sun. In exhaustion Helios letting Phaethon to ride The Sun Chariot. Just to prove his worth to ride The Sun Chariot.
  • Resolution
  • Phaethon only thinking about proving to his friends that they were wrong. He fly to close to the Earth and burn the land. Dried the river and ocean, and left a desert in it's place. Also killing lots of people on earth
  • Zeus, knowing about the tragedy that happened on earth. He instantly punish Phaethon for his carelessness by striking him with lightning bolts and drop him from the sky
  • Helios knowing that his son get punished by his recklessness and irresponsible decision. Helios has drown in sadness and sorrow, until he decide to not bring out the Sun anymore. Helios give his job to bring out the Sun to one of Zeus's son Apollo, along with his cherished Sun Chariot
  • Your son is death because of your irresponsible decision, you are letting a kid to carry such important task
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