Run Boy Run
Updated: 5/8/2020
Run Boy Run

Storyboard Text

  • ¨The rain keeps hitting the roof¨
  • ¨You can sleep in the hay rack¨
  • I wish I was playing with the village boys
  • ¨Leave him alone!¨
  • ¨Jurek are you done yet?!
  • ¨Isn´t Grzegorz so attractive?¨
  • ¨Yeah I guess¨
  • I don´t want Marina to leave
  • Jurek complains about the rain hitting the roof, so Marina and her mom cleared part of the hay rack for him. Jurek was happy with the warmth and slept with the cats.
  • ¨Aren´t you cold?!¨
  • ¨No. Love warms you even in winter¨
  • Clara is in charge of Jurek and makes him do more chores like chopping wood. It's hard for Jurek to chop wood and takes a long time. Clara got mad and asked if he was done yet but Marina defended him.
  • ¨I can do it¨
  • *Laughs* You only have one arm. You think you can do carpentry?
  • ¨How did you know to meet us here?¨
  • Marina went to the barn to wait for Grzegorz. She started telling Jurek all about him and asked if he thought he was attractive. Jurek agreed anyways. Marina says she will marry him but Jurek doesn´t like that idea.
  • ¨We wrote notes to eachother¨
  • Jurek falls asleep in the barn and when he wakes up he sees Marina still locked in an embrace. He wonders why she isn't cold when it is winter.
  • Jurek went into the carpentry shop and was put to work with two young assistants. They made fun of him at first until they realized how good he was. Grzegorz and himself were also pleased with the nice work he had done.
  • Marina meets Jurek and Grzegorz at the train station. She is so happy tears run down her cheek as she kisses Jurek.
  • ¨Oh. I´m so happy to see you!¨
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