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Spider money
Updated: 3/17/2020
Spider money
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  • Spider Monkey
  • Oooooo, there is a ton of fruit up here
  • Prehensile and Long Tail
  • Very Vocal
  • Hi. my name is Jaxon and I live in the rain forests and have evolved to have many helpful adaptations in order to survive and reproduce in the rain forest's unexpected conditions.
  • I call the first bird egg by the way
  • The spider monkey's tail is longer than its body and has twenty-three vertebrae making it very strong. The tail is used to get to smaller and farther places. The monkey can use its tail to hang from it, swing, pick fruit, and even throw things. Since the spider monkeys live in a habitat with many trees and high points, their tales allow them to reach the food or escape from predators in the tall trees.
  • Spider Monkeys have one of the most developed larynx. They can produce a wide range of vocalizations. Spider monkeys can make bird-like calls, they can bark, they can make guttural grunting noises. In alarm, they use a repeated yap.
  • In order to find food and other resources, spider monkeys have learned to move in groups. They make big groups of up to 30 males but these groups are narrowed down to 3 or 4 monkeys in subgroups. Traveling in groups helps the monkeys escape from predators and it helps let each other know if there is a threat nearby
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