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Updated: 1/14/2021
Unknown Story

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  • i need to find my parents
  • my name is Emily and i live in an orphanage with a rude caretaker and these are some people(friends) that live with me. my life has changed since i have been living here.
  • I am looking for my parents. I know they are out there because the left me here at the orphanage.
  • my real parents have found me but they arent going to take me back bc they left and they still cant afford to take me and raise me. im still going to be living with the crazy caretaker/aunt.
  • the caretaker(aunt Jude) is the bad girl that is kidnapping me bc i have money and she is only one that knows what the key goes to, and thinks that they are my real parents bc now i'm in a royal family. and my aunt(caretaker) is related to my royal family parents.
  • they finally got the money from the secert safe and my real parents said they can take me back bc now the aunt doesnt have their money anymore. they took me to the basement and tied me down so i cant leave.
  • the aunt is now arrested and the police got involved so they took me back so can go back home to my parents and live a normal life at such a young age.
  • im back!