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Russian Revolution
Updated: 2/24/2019
Russian Revolution
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  • Beginning of the Revolution
  • Early Revolution
  • Stalin Takes Rule
  • "...were in full flight down the cart-track that led to the main road, with the animals pursuing them in triumph...Jones was expelled and the Manor Farm was theirs"(Orwell 20). This scence represents the beigning of the Revolution long in the bruing. ON Rev=braury 1917 The Russian people riot anf eventually Czar Nicholas steps down from power
  • Ukranian Famine
  • "...principles of Animalism reduced to Seeven Commandments ...7. All animals are equal(7th commandment)"(Orwell 24). After the monrachy was overtghrown The Bolsheviks come into power with Lenin in the lead. They turn Russia into a socialist country. The Seven Commandments created by the Animals are similar to the constitution creaeted by the Bolsheviks which heled communist and deomcratic ideals thus the 7th commandent of the animals which states all animals are equal.
  • The Great Purge
  • "Snowball wa racing across the long pasture..slipped through a hole in the hedge and was seen no more"(Orwell 53). Snowball beining chased out of the Farm represents when Stalin exiled Trotsky from Russia as he was his biggestg competiotion just as Snowball was Napolieans biggest competiont in rling over all the animals in the farm.
  • "Napolean accepted...a contract for four hundred eggs a week...when the hens heard this,they raised a terrible outvry...Napolean acted swifyly and ruthlessly. He order the hens rations to be stopped...(Orwell 76). This secene represent the time in history when the Ukraina Kulaks resisted collection and thus Stalin decidede to rid of them by confiscation of grains, shooting, exile, and imprisonment. Eventually the Ukriana sw were found in a man made famine and many starved to death if not killed.
  • "THe four pigs waited,trembling...Napolean called upon them to confess their crimes.They were the same four pigs as had protested when Napolean abolished the Sunday Meetings....When they had finished their confession , th e dogs promptly tore their throats out..And so the tale of confessions and execution went on,until there was a pile of corpsesllying before Napoleans feet"(Orwell 83-84).
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