The Life of Empress WU
Updated: 12/17/2019
The Life of Empress WU
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  • On Feburary 17, 624, the first and only woman emperor, Wu Zetian was born. She grew up in Lizhou of Wenshui and lived with her father, Wu Shiyue, and her mother, Lady Yang. Her father was in a timber buisness and her mother was a member of the yang family.
  • we are here to talk about our latest concerns. Attacks.
  • Zetian was a very smart child, and acceled in subjects like art and literature. At age 14 she ws sent ot serve as an imperial concubinge to emperor Taixong at the imperial palace. She was the "lesser wife " of the emperor and was ranked 5th in the 9 ranks. When Taizongs song become the new emperor, she moved up to 2nd in the imperial ranking.
  • ATTACK!!!
  • Once she was the favorite concubine, in 654 ad, Wu had 3 kids. But in order to frame her rival, Empress Wang, she strangled her only daughter. She then managed to kill Wang in 643. That made her son, Li Zhe, the new emperor and herself the the ruler of the new Zhou Dynastly
  • During her Wu's reign, she fought against the negative currents and terror. Her key developments were their state religion, buddhism, which she made and official religion.
  • Her victory became shadowed in her reign when they started getting attacks from the Tibetas and the Khitans, and were defeated by both. During her rule, she significantally expanded the Zhou empire into middle Asia and the korean peninsula.
  • On December 16, 705 ad, Empress Wu passed away. Her son, Emperor Zhongzong, took over as emperor and reastablished the dynasty.
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