Bullying 2
Updated: 3/6/2019
Bullying 2
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  • Friday
  • Haven't you made any friends.  What about the nice ones
  • I'm sorry Parso, but you have to go to school 
  • No, you don't understand. There are no nice ones!
  • No Mama please. School is awful!
  • It's seems as though me and the other kids at school are from a different planet. Some of them are especially awful.
  • I think I know somebody
  • Hey I'm Kya. Don't let Jenny and Kurt get you down. You should really tell someone about them bullying you. 
  • I'm Parso. I know I should do something about the bullies, but I'm scared. Who would want to help me anyway?
  • We kind of think of ourselves as superheros, we try to save the day.
  • This is Maria and Max. They are the counselors here at our school. They try to help with students problems
  • After explaining her story Parso had been given several tools to help her with the bullies. She was ready to confront Jenny and Kurt
  • You two have made it so hard to come to school. Try to put yourself in my shoes. Coming to a new school wouldn't be easy. Then have two classmates bully you about your country and culture. I don't know what I would do if you guys don't stop.
  • Sorry
  • Even though her life wasn't perfect. Parso's time at school was looking up. Her and Kya became good friends. 
  • How's a going Kya
  • Hey Parso
  • Even though Parso wasn't best friends with Jenny and Kurt, they could pass in the hallways without anyone feeling less then themselves. They respected each other and in Maria and Max's words "that's what matters."
  • Hey
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