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Updated: 10/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • When I am done with my coffee I go to work. When I was doing my work I got really angry so I ripped my paper and and then burned it. So at first it was a physical change but when I burned it it became a chemical change.
  • In the morning I wake up and make my Bed.That is a physical change.
  • Then I will leave to go to work. But first I will go to get a coffee. while I am on my way I will put on some lipstick that is a chemical change.
  • After I ordered my iced coffee I met a friend and we talked.
  • After a while all of my ice melted in my coffee so that is a chemical change.
  • while we were in the store my little girl broke a glass bowl but she did not mean to.That is a physical change.
  • After I get home from work then my kids go play outside while I watch them I is really easy because my kids are home schooled.