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Updated: 10/28/2020
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  • heart brack
  • "Your not my friend any more!!!"
  • "Hey stop fighting please!!!"
  • "Okay mommy sorry!"
  • "Hey Lily apologize to your friend not me okay I'm taking home now."
  • "Sorry for being mean goodbye friend ahahaha!"
  • "They're so cute they finally made up!!"
  • First person: My daughter is arguing with her friend and their not getting along.
  • "Hop so if not you are going to come back with me!"
  • "My son sorry you had to see this your father die in his sleep!!!!!!"
  • First person: I need to take my Charls home I bet his mom is worried.
  • "WHAT!!!! OH MY GOSH!"
  • First person: I need to find a babysitter for my daughter because can't leave home alone there so cute when get along.
  • "WHAT I don't need to see a therapist!!!"
  • "Sorry my husband had die you might need to a therapist to talk."
  • "You need to see a therapist to get life back."
  • First person: I am walking Charls home but I don't see his parents I wonder if something wrong.
  • "Mommy and daddy should be home?"
  • First person: What!!! I can't believe my eyes I wish I could do something about this I feel bad.
  • ............................
  • "Nooooooooo daddy don't die please get up!"
  • I am worried about my friend her husband just die. she needs to go see a therapist.
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