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Updated: 1/19/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hello, Its been a while Jefferson why have you appeared in the White House.
  • Ooooh Hamilton don't hurt me I am here because I am now the secretary of state how about you Hamilton!!
  • Well Well Well... I am here because I am the secretary of Treasury so we might just have to deal with it and work together.
  • No No way not gonna happen I would rather quit my job than work with you! WASHINGTON!!
  • Washington - What do you guys need I was on a very important phone call until I heard you hooligans scream!!Jefferson - We cannot work together we despise each other it just won't happen.Hamilton - I agree I hate him more then anyone.Washington - I planned this so you guys can become closer and work with me trust me it will be just fine now deal with each other I have a meeting.
  • Hamilton - We are not working together so there is one way to solve this and that is to fight.Jefferson -NO NO I do not want to fight we might as well work together and figure something out.
  • Washington - Jefferson why are you crying and why were you guys not in office working on papers!! Jefferson - Hamilton hurt me and I was just trying to work things out. Hamilton - Oh suck it up Jefferson.