Manufacturing Overproduction
Updated: 2/12/2021
Manufacturing Overproduction

Storyboard Text

  • "I love all these new appliances, I even have time to leave the house."
  • June 10th 1927
  • "Yes sir, they will be here by tomorrow!"
  • Septemper 14th 1928
  • "Hey John, did you order a new set of the latest goods, I don't want anything to run out."
  • "What in the world are all these appliances doing here, i mean who even needs them anymore?"
  • December 4th 1928
  • "I have no idea, I got mine last year."
  • "Everyone has an automobile, were in to much overstock."
  • January 11th 1929
  • "I agree, we can't afford to pay our employees, we must let them go."
  • "This overstock is ridiculous, I just lost my job."
  • "Me too. I lost all my savings in the stock market."
  • February 1st 1929
  • "I can't believe i lost my job Susan, what are we going to do now."
  • "It's okay Edward everyone has lost their job, we must spend what we have left very wisely."
  • February 6th 1929