ron is coming
Updated: 11/20/2020
ron is coming

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  • today I hear a scream echoing through the house terrifying at first but after a while I recognized it that's my younger sister doing today just happens to be her 18th birthday and I guess she's got plans we have got to do
  • Oh my god.
  • I've managed to wake up and spring to life the drag my heavy body down the stairs yawning on my way she hands me a cup of coffee at least I'll get some energy for the morning
  • Itis my birthday. We are going camping.
  • we picked up our friends on the way there and gotten in the car with nothing better to do will you set up camp a campfire I look around and all I see is friends and apparently these Woods are supposed to be haunted or something.
  • thy sae thet thes woods are hoted
  • I go out to use the bathroom and all I see is a black shadow figure after staring at it for two seconds my eyes Focus I'm here I need to get everybody out of here
  • hey boy
  • ron
  • I managed to get everybody on their feet and running out of fear but it is gaining on us your other choice we have to go to the closing structure the closest Whole structure and a church happens to be ahead if it is what I think it is it may or may not be able to step on Hallowed Ground which means Graves
  • is geting closer
  • we managed to reach the door pulling it open out of pure adrenaline Russian side seeing what you await us I guess the plan is to spend the night here
  • it cent step on holo grand