Psych Superhero pt 2
Updated: 12/17/2020
Psych Superhero pt 2

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  • Give me money.
  • Okay
  • "Good" doesn't exist
  • ummmmm
  • Finny gained his powers credited to an unfortunate track and field practice. One of his friends accidentally threw a radioactive javelin at his head. The pole destroyed his left frontal lobe... yet he survived. He now has the villainous power of mind control.
  • change it.
  • OK
  • The 3 highschoolers met in their year 11 Law and Criminal Justice class. They were grouped together for a class project discussing what it meant to "be good."
  • what am I doing??
  • 3 months later, Marie and Walter tell each other about their powers. They began dating soon after and gave each other superhero names. Marie was "the Incredible Earthquaker" and Walter was "Freezman."
  • Nahhh, I won't be stopped.
  • One day, Marie and Walter were walking and saw something strange… Finny was angrily talking to their law and criminal justice teacher. Suddenly his eyes lit up and green lasers expelled from them! He used his mind control powers to make the teacher change his F to a A+.
  • The next time that happened… The Incredible Earthquaker and Freezman used their powers to stop time and try to reason with him on the supernatural front.
  • It worked for only a few months, till Gage reverted back to his old, villainous ways.
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