Romeo and Juliet Alternate Ending- Olivia Long
Updated: 3/3/2020
Romeo and Juliet Alternate Ending- Olivia Long

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  • This scene first begins with devastated Juliet due to the banishment of her dear Romeo.
  • Oh dear Juliet, do not make all this fuss over Romeo, now that he is out of the picture you can now marry Paris.
  • I guess Nurse is right, I will get dressed and go see Paris.
  • This must mean she has finally healed from the death of her dear cousin Tybalt.
  • Goodbye Mother, goodbye Father, I am off to see Paris.
  • Paris I wish to marry you today.
  • Just Married
  • You do? Then we shall marry today, I love you Juliet.
  • No he couldn't have , I still love him!
  • Juliet is in love with another man? A Montague? She shall pay for her unrighteousness to me!
  • Juliet, Romeo has died.
  • That night Paris killed Juliet by the stab of a dagger. Therefore Juliet would forever be with her true love Romeo, whom she thought was no longer. As they both fell to the hands of death the only hope you could have is that they find each other on the other side.
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