Broken blade by Caleb Melser hour 3
Updated: 2/28/2020
Broken blade by Caleb Melser hour 3

Storyboard Text

  • I became a voyageur because father had cut off his thumb and he couldn't get paid. Being a voyageur means i have to leave my home,friends,family,and the girl that i have a crush on.
  • I'm holding up well after leaving St. Annes, my muscles still hurt and my blisters still bleed. So far I'm getting well with most of my brigade. I miss my home and Celeste but my new friends, the voyageurs have given me a new comforting life.
  • My brigade decided to run the rapids instead of portaging. The rapids are very dangerous not only because of the fast water but because of the big rocks in the water. Today we lost La Londe a very important man to the rapids.
  • We decided to cross Lake Superior today. The weather was terrible as big waves and high winds went against our canoe. While crossing,our canoe gets damaged so we go to an island and repair our canoe.
  • We finally made it to Grand Portage! Hearing all the stories from dad about Grand Portage would make you think it was a castle, but it looks more like a bunch of wooden cabins connected together. Now that we have traveled for twelve hundred miles its nice to take a break.
  • I have returned to Lachine with my brigade. I will sign on again next year to keep my promise to Kennewah. My whole adventure being a voyaguers has been an amazing experience for me! I have made new friends and i have lost friends. The adventures I had will never be forgotten.