WWI effects
Updated: 3/18/2021
WWI effects

Storyboard Text

  • WWI Begins
  • This means war. Germany come join us
  • The Great Depression Begins
  • We have no money
  • Closed
  • There's not enough food for my family
  • The Treaty of Versailles takes place
  • Austria-Hungary's Duke has been assassinated by a Serbian man, Austria-Hungary decides to go to war, and brings Germany into the war with them.
  • WW2 Starts
  • An effect of the war, was that all of the countries in the war, whether they won or not, had used a lot of money, which lead to the Great Depression.
  • 9.5 Million Lives Lost
  • The Treaty of Versailles puts all the blame for the war on Germany, making them pay a huge sum of money, and giving a lot of other animals and produce.
  • Germany, Turkey, Austria-Hungary, And Russia Fall
  • After the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was blamed for the war and had to pay a huge amount. Because of this Adolf Hitler was able to take leadership of Germany and start WW2.
  • As a result of the war 9.5 million people were killed.
  • Germany, Turkey, Austria-Hungary, and Russia lost their power mostly because of the war, or for Russia a Civil War.