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Updated: 11/10/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Copernicus
  • Newton
  • Bacon
  • The Scientific Method -Begin with a question-form a hypothesis-analyze data and come to a conclusion
  • first person to find proof we live in a heliocentric solar system
  • Galileo
  • newtons 3 laws of motion,light is made of all colors,his motion theories further challenged the church's teachings
  • conflicts between the church and scientific revolution
  • Your wrong!
  • find proof and reason,logical way to test theories-start with a question-form a hypothesis-analyze data, reach a conclusion
  • how the scientific revolution impacts the world today
  • sentenced to house arrest,provided proof for the heliocentric therory
  • when people started believing the heliocentric theory the church felt threatened because it went against what they had been teaching to they punished snyone that went against them
  • if it weren't for the scientific revolution we would have still thought the earth was in the center of the universe and we wouldn't have known half the stuff we do today.
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