from bad to worse to awesome
Updated: 12/8/2020
from bad to worse to awesome

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  • we're going to finish the treasure hunt but you'll get nothing. Your family will be unharmed. OK, let's start.
  • you already looked at it right?
  • how'd you know about it in the first place?
  • right. When you guys left I solved it. Now you'll solve it, and put the pieces together.
  • " Winston closed his eyes and whished himself back in time. Just a few hours ago, he was unable to imagine who besides North and Glowacka could have broken into Mrs. Lewis's house. Now it seemed obvious. Dilmer frightened Mrs. lewi into looking for her father's ring and then held back a single puzzle piece so that they wouldn't be able to find it. When the treasure hunters gave up in frustration, all Dilmer had to do was take the last puzzle piece to the "best puzzle solver in the group" as determined by Dilmer's accomplice girlfriend. Wit the threat of a loaded gun, that solver would be forced to help Dilmer find the ring. For the first time in his life, Winston whished that he wasn't a good puzzle solver."
  • my dad.
  • you gave us white envelopes. Mr. Rossetti gave us yellow ones!
  • all I know is that it's in a box.
  • what box? all right think about it. I think we're close.
  • very good, but too late.
  • you got the same answer as me, but it means what?
  • I think so too...
  • I don't know.
  • somewhere there's a box.
  • what have you figured out?
  • could I have a map?
  • one of town. There's one in a phonebook
  • what type?
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