Updated: 3/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • HMMM YES WAR!!! Im scared lets fight the Carthage.
  • The second Punic war
  • its so cold oh god oh frick
  • This is the alps it was cold and no one liked it but i do because I'm warm and he is cold. Rome was fighting Carthage and Rome won the second war
  • The 3 Punic war
  • after we destroyed carthage in the third punic war we covered the land with salt so no one could settle here again
  • during an altercation that involved the city of Sicily the massive powers of the mediterainan (carthage and rome) fought in a war known as the punic war
  • because a man called hannibal invaded rome through the north rome started another war with carthage
  • After the 3rd war Romem made mounds of salt.