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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/29/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Plenty of Supplies
  • We have so much stuff!
  • Large Number of Troops
  • Strong Central Government
  • The British had a surplus of supplies. Compared to the American army, Britain had so much more. The Americans had very little food and other supplies while Britain rarely lacked food or any other supplies at all.
  • Fighting in Unfair Territory
  • There were around 50,000 troops that were apart of the British Army. In addition to that was that King George also hired 30,000 mercenaries! These mercenaries were called Hessians. King George also lured away many African Americans to help the army.
  • Supplies Take More Time to Arrive
  • Britain had a very strong central government. The King made good strategize when it came to the army. The King made sure that the soldiers were healthy and well trained for battle.
  • Half-Hearted Support
  • A disadvantage to the British was that they weren't on their own soil. The British were extremely unfamiliar with the land and that caused a problem. So, the British were often faced with being lost and being snuck up on.
  • The British had a surplus of supplies but it took a very long time for the supplies to actually arrive. The ships that the good were being sailed over in, were timely ships. The British wound up having to wait very long for their supplies to show up.
  • The British civilians were not very supportive of the war. Many of the general public wished for no more war and so they were not too supportive. This caused the soldiers to not have very much spirit.
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