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Updated: 3/11/2020
TKAM Storyboard

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  • NO! He needs to stop. He is not doing it RIGHT!
  • My dad taught how to read
  • Oh Walter, do you need a lunch? I will get you one if you promise to pay me back.
  • Uhh, no. Im fine
  • But... Miss Caroline!! He CAN'T pay you back
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  • Ouch! I think my elbow is broken!
  • Sir. I don't think you will be able to play football again
  • I bet you wont run up and touch that house real quick
  • Miss Caroline was getting mad at Scout because her dad Atticus taught her how to read and she didn't.
  • Aight bet!
  • Walter Cunningham didn't have a lunch at school and Miss Caroline was gonna give him one if he paid her back but he declined the offer to eat.
  • Aye Burris! Come back here and help with these weeds
  • I'm coming dad!
  • I guess I won't go to school today :(
  • We found out near the beginning of the story that Jem badly broke his elbow playing football. This is part of the exposition and is very important to the story.
  • This is a game the kids used to play where they would try to run and touch Boo Radley's house very quickly without getting caught.
  • Burris Ewell is very poor, so he is very dirty and doesn't come to school everyday because he has to stay home and help his parents sometimes.