The Welch Wars
Updated: 12/7/2020
The Welch Wars

Storyboard Description

Welch was a place where there was very little to do but at the same time there was always something happening which was almost always fighting/killing, it seemed that everyone in welch like to fight even the children. Jeannette had trouble with a kid name Ernie who bullied her for living in a ruined house full of trash. Brain and Jeannette got attacked at home by Earnie and his 3 friends who threw rocks at their windows and they decided to make a catapult to attack them back sometime later and they succeeded. Jeannette was reflecting how her and her family where not to close anymore and everyone would just go to their own corner and read their books all day and she realized that reading was her moms addiction just how alcohol was her dads. One summer night Rex her father came home all marked up and she asked what happened and he said he got into a fight and lost. Her father asked her to stick his wounds and although it took awhile she managed to pull herself to do it and he was proud .

Storyboard Text

  • Get out of my way
  • U are trash
  • U live in trash!
  • POW!!!
  • “It seemed that just about everyone in Welch-men, women,boys,girls-liked to fight.”
  • YAY!!!!!
  • Earnie like to bully Jeannette and make her life a living hell
  • The rock flew through the air that Jeannette and Brian catapulted at Earnie “He screamed and cursed as his bike skidded”
  • Go ahead
  • They celebrated because their plan succeeded
  • No body talks and everyone is always reading alone with little to no interactions
  • Jeannette sews up her fathers wounds even tho she doesn’t want to .
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