Unknown Story

Updated: 1/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Pythias, it will take you onlytwo days to get back. Stay another day, I beg you!
  • And what man would be foolenough to die for you?
  • I dare not stay longer, Mother.Remember, Damon is locked up in my prisoncell while I’m gone. Please don’t make it harderfor me! Farewell! Don’t weep for me. My deathmay help to bring better days for all our people.
  • Oh! What is it? What doyou want?
  • My money bags? I have only this smallbag of coins. I shall need them for some lastfavors, perhaps, before I die.
  • What do you mean, before youdie? We don’t mean to kill you, only to takeyour money.
  • Not so fast there, young man! Stop!
  • Your money bags.
  • No! No! I must get backto free my friend! I must go back!
  • I’ll give you my money, only don’t delayme any longer. I am to die by the king’s orderthree days from now. If I don’t return to prisonon time, my friend must die in my place.
  • A likely story! What man would befool enough to go back to prison, ready to die?
  • We’ll take your money, all right.And we’ll tie you up while we get away.