Humayun's life #2
Updated: 12/10/2020
Humayun's life #2

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~Lochana Ajish 7 Uno Roll no. 1

Storyboard Text

  • Attack on Chunar
  • Oh! Why not! Sure you can keep the fort but promise me don't that you will be loyal to the Mughals.
  • My honor! If possible can you please give me the authority to keep the fort?
  • Sher Shah Suri in Babur's camp during the year 1527 CE (before he met Humayun)
  • Conquest of Gujarat and Malwa
  • Oh god! This shouldn't have happened I was so confident of defeating Humayun! I'm surely going to get my kingdom back!I'm not gonna give up!
  • Dare you think of getting the throne of Gujarat and Malwa back again!
  • Loss of Gujarat
  • Hehe! Humayun isn't here in Agra! This is a golden chance for me Sher Shah Suri! - to invade Agra, Bihar and Bengal whilst he is there in Gujarat and Malwa!
  • When Emperor Humayun attacked the fort and held it in siege for four months, he had proposed to Sher Khan that he would not claim Chunar and Jaunpur and any other place of his choice, provided he gave up Bengal, which Sher Khan had won.
  • Now, Humayun is headed towards Bahadur Shah. He is planning to conquer Gujarat and Malwa. Humayun soon got control over both the territories and Bahadur Shah fled without offering any resistance.
  • Never was conquest so easy. Never too was conquest more recklessly squandered away.Thus Humayun lost them as quickly as he had gained those two territories. The loss of these two territories lowered the prestige of Humayun.
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