F.Scott Fitzgerald. "The Great Gatsby". Chapter 7(Myrtle's Death).

Updated: 2/28/2021
F.Scott Fitzgerald. "The Great Gatsby". Chapter 7(Myrtle's Death).

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Chapter 7, The death of Myrtle Wilson.

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  • The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald Chapter 7By: Charity Battle
  • ‘He isn’t causing a row.’ Daisy looked desperately from one to the other. ‘You’re causing a row. Please have a little self control.’‘Self control!’ repeated Tom incredulously. ‘I suppose the latest thing is to sit back and let Mr. Nobody from Nowhere make love to your wife. Well, if that’s the idea you can count me out.... Nowadays people begin by sneering at family life and family institutions and next they’ll throw every-thing overboard and have intermarriage between black and white " (Fitzgerald 139)
  • I wonder if Daisy & Gatsby have something going on.
  • The ‘death car’ as the newspapers called it, didn’t stop; it came out of the gathering darkness, wavered tragically for a moment and then disappeared around the next bend. Michaelis wasn’t even sure of its color—he told the first policeman that it was light green. The other car, the one going toward New York, came to rest a hundred yards beyond, and its driver hurried back to where Myrtle Wilson, her life violently extinguished, knelt in the road and mingled her thick, dark blood with the dust. (Fitzgerald 147)
  • ‘The God Damn coward!’ he whimpered. ‘He didn’t even stop his car.'
  • Daisy and Tom were sitting opposite each other at the kitchen table with a plate of cold fried chicken between them and two bottles of ale. (Franklin 155)