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school drama
Updated: 3/25/2020
school drama
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Storyboard Description

It is about a girl who gets bullyed in school so she does not want to go to school so she tells her parents why. Her parents tell her that they will tell the principal. Her principal tells Lily and her parents that she will do everything she can to make sure she does not get bullyed any more from students or get in the time out chair for no reason.

Storyboard Text

  • Honey you have to. The law says that all children must go to school
  • Yes your mother is right. It is the law. The only time you are allowed to stay home is when you are sick
  • Mom! Dad! I don't want to go to school
  • Honey we had no idea come on we are going to the principal and telling her the whole story I'm sure she will do something.
  • Lily don't worry we are going to do something about this. The principal is going to take us to see your teacher and have a chat.
  • But you don't get it girls at school are being so mean to me and when I try to tell the teacher the teacher just says stop being a bad girl and puts me in the time out chair
  • Yes Lily is right thank you Principal Brown!
  • I am going to do everything I can to help Lily. She is the smartest kid in the grade and if she is getting bullyed and getting put in the time out chair for no reason that is when I start to get angry because I would never think that a teacher would do that to anyone especially you.
  • Thank you Principal Brown!
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