The Geography and Early Development of Rome
Updated: 1/28/2021
The Geography and Early Development of Rome

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  • Food and drinks
  • Not for all of us! What’s so good about your daily life?
  • Life is great in the Roman Empire!Rome is an amazing place if you have money. For example, . . .
  • We ate fast food, our house almost burned down because the smoke from our grill was filling the entire room. So anyways I had porridge and beans.
  • Food and Drinks
  • We had dinner parties, and had amazing food. Like snails dipped in milk, cooked mouse dipped in honey and desert, what do you do for dinner?
  • Housing
  • We live in Houses filled with beautiful walls made of marble. We have an indoor pool with a kitchen or dining room table is the most elegant room with paintings and a kitchen table. We also have slaves who play music while others are enjoying our party.
  • We can afford any of those things, we have small dirty rooms and well not barely have enough rooms. We don’t have any slaves for any money to buy certain things, we have no music nothing at all.
  • We can’t go to school, we have to work so we can afford our roman taxes so we can stay in some shelter. We have porridge mostly every day. We can’t go to school because we are poor and can’t afford it.
  • Education
  • We usually go to a private school starting early in the morning girls and boys are separated into different classes because the boys learn about but before we go to school we eat breakfast with beans, nuts and baked bread
  • We have to take care of ourselves because there is no police watching us. A Lot of crimes happen to us. Our children mostly die under the age of 10 because we are poor and can’t afford proper help.
  • Education
  • Sometimes our Romand police would have to watch over us because laws were strict , but Crime was common, How do you guys protect yourselves?