Midsummer nights dream
Updated: 4/1/2021
Midsummer nights dream

Storyboard Text

  • Demetreus Hey Helena can we talk.
  • Demetreus Yea we can do it in private.
  • The Four Lovers Group chat 
  • Helena Yea sure do you wanna do it here or in private?
  • DemetreusI will always love you and it hurts me to see you with another dude but i will keep trying to change your mind.
  • Demetreus So i really like you and your Father really approves of me and i think it would be a good idea if we went out on a date.
  • HelenaWell, i am sorry to say this but I am in love with Lysander adn you are no the right one for me.
  • LysanderOK i will wait till she is done, tell her to text me ok.
  • Mean While...........
  • Lysander Hey Hermia do you know what Helena is doing at the moment?
  • The Four Lovers Group chat 
  • Hermia yea i will tell her to text you.
  • Hermia I think she is talking to Demetrus about something
  • Hermia I am fine my love
  • Hermia i am just annoyed with my dad he thinks that you are not the right perosn for me to date, it is getting on my nerves
  • Lysander hey what is wrong ik for a fact you are not ok
  • Lysander Hey love how are you?
  • Hermia we can get away for a few days and just hang out, the way we want to
  • Hermia you know what we should do, we can go and hide out in the cabin that i have
  • Hermia I wish he saw you the way i see you
  • Lysander That souds amazing i would love to do that with you
  • Lysander Fr though i am respectful and kind to you
  • Helena i just wanted to tell you again that i like you and i wanna be with you
  • Helena Hey, can we talk
  • Helena you figure it out you dirt bag
  • Mean While...
  • Helena OOOOH come on please just one date?????
  • DemetreusWhat are you not getting , i have told you i like Hermia and i dont wanna be with you
  • Demetreus I SAID NO, do you know what Hermia is doing?