Broken Blade by Autumn sand 4
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by Autumn sand 4

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre's father cut his thumb while cutting wood for kindling . Pierre went and got the doctor and saw his old friend. Then Pierre signed up to be a voyageur because his father can't go.
  • Pierre sets off on his journey. Before his first stop he starts getting blisters. At his first stop before leaving they give him one of the heaviest packs. He makes it and wins a bet without knowing. They've also killed a couple animals for dinner.
  • Pierre's crew started paddling down the rapids when they got stuck. La Londe got them unstuck but died in the process. They found his broken paddle painted they then roped it as a cross then started off again.
  • Charbonneau said lake Huron was to calm the crew laughed. The next day the water was very bad the canoes had to pull over they couldn't handle the waves.
  • Pierre got to the trading post. Charbonneau saw his friend Mukwa. That night they went to have dinner at Mukwa's house. The next day Mukwa's daughter saw Pierre. She invited him to pick berries with her. He said sure.
  • Pierre started coming back the trip back was extremely slow. Once he was back he passed the doctors house he said hi then continued on home. Once he was home the first one he saw was his dog then he saw then he saw his dad. then he finished chopping the wood for his dad