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Updated: 4/9/2021
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  • Tidal Range Tidesis the difference between the levels of ocean water at high tide and low tide. Tidal range depends on the positions of the sun and the moon relative to Earth
  • Neap TidesHappen when the sun, Earth, and the moon form a 90 degree angle and the gravitational effects of the sun and the moon on Earth do not add together as they do during spring tides. Also happens during a half moon/first quarter, and third quarter moon faces.
  • TidesDaily changes in the level of ocean water. Tides are caused by the difference in the gravitational force across Earth. So, the moon is mainly the reason responsible for tides on Earth.
  • Spring TidesSpring Tides happen when the sun, the moon, and Earth form a straight line. So, spring tides happen when the moon is between the sun and the Earth and the moon is on the opposite side of Earth, in other words spring tides happen during the new moon and full moon faces