Trial of Galileo

Updated: 10/2/2021
Trial of Galileo

Storyboard Text

  • Galileo constructs a new and better telescope.
  • Galileo observes sunspots
  • Galileo make several important astronomical discoveries, including four moons of Jupiter, the ring of Saturn, the phases of Venus, and craters and mountains of the moon.
  • Jesuit Mathematicians explains to pope whether or not it's true or not
  • Is Galileo's astronomical discovery really true?
  • We know that it is true but we don't really know if it is actually true coming from a guy that looked at the sky and named these planets
  • Galileo travels to Rome to be honored for his astronomical discoveries at a banquet by the mathematicians at Collegio Romano.
  • It is an honor for you to come out and share your astronomical discovery
  • Galileo publishes his Letters on Sunspots, offering his theory that the sun revolves on an axis
  • Father Lorini of Florence, a professor of ecclesiastical history, launches the first attack from the clergy on the Copernican theory.
  • We are declaring a attack on Galileo's Copernican theory !