1st period World Studies

Updated: 10/12/2021
1st period World Studies

Storyboard Text

  • HI my name is Noriko and I from Asia which is a market system. That means we buy and sell a lot of things. I hope we can do this as my goal.
  • Could a buy two metric tons of steel for $500
  • The hightest a can go is $1,060
  • Sounds good!
  • I can export you two metric tons of steel for $1,100
  • Ok thats is fair for me!
  • Sounds great you can sell you one metric ton of rice for $400.
  • I would love for you to help are developing conuntrie by giveing us 1 metric ton of rice.
  • Thats a little to much how about $399 for 1 metric ton of rice.
  • Could I buy 25 pairs of shoes.
  • Hold on you will import me 25 pairs shoes for $501 . Sorry I only have $500.
  • Ok thats fair I will buy 25 pairs of shoes for $500.
  • Yes you can I will sell them to you for $501.
  • Then I can sell you them for $500
  • Ok thats fair a guess I will buy 1 metric ton of bananas for $245.
  • They are a renewable resource so I will buy them for $200.
  • Could you give me 1 metric ton of bananas.
  • You can, but the bananas are in famine. So I can sell you them $300
  • I know the are a renewable resource, but we have a famine supply of them so $245 is the lowest a can go.
  • As you can see, my developed country Asia did very well in this game. I eached my goal by doing good trades and buying good products.