Updated: 3/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I love hamburgers.
  • My favorite food are hamburgers. Many human resources are used to make the hamburgers. Farmers use their service to grow crops and raise cattle to provide ingredients. Butchers grind and cut the meat to have and sell to consumers. My dad goes grocery shopping to buy and cook the burgers at home too.
  • Natural resources are used for making hamburgers. Cows are very big into producing the meat for the burger. They also produce the dairy for cheese. Farmers also grow crops that are used as ingredients for the burger as well.
  • Another type of resource used for making hamburgers are capital resources. Machines are used to cut meat, trucks are used to deliver the meat and other stuff to stores. Kitchen appliances are used to cook the burger. Many resources are used to make my favorite type of sandwich.