war... war never changes
Updated: 2/13/2021
war... war never changes

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  • causes of war
  • trouble with naitive americans
  • land battles
  • The United states would go to war because the British would not stop attacking American ships. Another reason is because they had been forcing Americans into the British navy. Because of this James Madison decided he would abandon George Washington's idea of isolationism and would go to war
  • sea battles
  • The tension started growing when the Americans were have trouble with Indians. American settlers were invading their land and pushing them away from their home. Two Shawnee Indians decided to rally an army of Indians against the Americans. Though they were defeated, the Americans discovered they had been using British weapons.
  • the battle of new orleans
  • Madison had decided to declare war on great Britain with 7 thousand troops and 14 ships. They had begun to march to Canada thinking it would be easy and that they would just have to march though. when they reached Canada they had gotten pushed back by British forces. In 1814 the British would reach Washington D.C where they would burn several buildings including the capitol where James Madison would have to run for his life.
  • the results of the war
  • on 1813 a united states naval force had a success and captured 6 British ships. With this victory it would allow William henry Harrison to push into upper Canada. When he got there he had gone on to beat the British in a major battle before being pushed back out of Canada. The British then had attacked a port city of Baltimore but the fort was not captured.
  • The British had set their sights on new Orleans where general Andrew Jackson and a force of 7000 militia consisting of African Americans, Indians and pirates. during 1815 more that 7,500 British troops marched into battle where the US would have one of their greatest victory's of the war. But news of a treaty made 2 week prior had not gotten there before the battle.
  • The war of 1812 had severely weakened the Indian force and the US would force most of them out of their boarders. Another affect of the war was that the US had a surge of national pride because they thought that they were truly their own nation by standing against Britain. Lastly, The war had affected the US politically. The federalist party was weakened and would never recover. The war hero's William henry Jackson and Andrew Jackson would both later be elected for president.