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Updated: 2/19/2020
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  • In France, poverty and famine swept the streets. Nobles kept spending money without care, furthering the tension between peasants and the elite. The peasants decided one day that they had enough and began revolting, using "liberté, égalité, fraternité" as their slogan.
  • Cause of the French Revolution
  • Some of the goals the revolters were liberty, equality, and brotherhood. Civilians hoped to be ruled under constitutional monarchy. The right for peasant children to attend school was also desired for.
  • We're going to be late for class!
  • Goals of the French Revolution
  • Fraternity!
  • On July 14, 1789, a mob of civilians began attacking the prison of Bastille, led by Military commander Bernard-René Jourdan de Launay. This marked the beginning of France's independence.
  • For liberty and equality! We shall never live under this tyranny!
  • July 14, 1789storming of Bastille
  • Give us our rights!!!
  • Serment Du Jeu de Paume, also known as the Tennis Court Oath, was when a group of citizens gathered together to swear to the fufilment of their goals.
  • fraternité
  • Serment Du Jeu de paume
  • égalité!!
  • Liberté!
  • In response to the numerous rebellions, King Louis XIV attempted to scare citizens by decapitating revolters with a guillotine. This triggered numerous reactions, furthering the hatred in the peasants against the king,
  • Catch any rebels you see!
  • Reign Of Terror
  • (Important document #1)The August DecreesOn August 4th, 1789, the Nation Assembly came together to create rules to end the feudal system, along with the privileges nobles had as well. This was significant as it was one of the first revolutionary changes in French society and prevented nobles from abusing their power.
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