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Updated: 1/30/2020
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This Storyboard was made for Mrs. Swick's ELA Class Reading Project.

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  • The Ritual of Chüd, in the first attempt, is done only by Bill, in the second attempt it is done by Bill and Richie with some external help from Eddie.
  • Has the flu
  • (They're making a paper boat like good bros do.)
  • It's why he's alone, he also ends up dead, just so you know
  • Due to the fact that I have a free account and can't use more than six cells, we are going to just type how everyone meets...I guess, and maybe how they beat It.
  • Bill, Eddie, Richie, and Stan had all been friends prior to the events in the book.
  • Beverly seems to be known around the school and meets them all a little differently, with other Losers in tow.
  • Ben meets Bill and Eddie after a long chase from Bowers and Co.
  • Mike met the losers during the Apocalyptic Rock fight.
  • They injure It the first time fighting by the Ritual of Chüd and kill it the second time with the same Ritual and a bit of physical damage.
  • Also, It was pregnant, so they had to kill those babies as well. This job was done by Ben.
  • And, of course, there's It. It can turn into your deepest fear so it has no real form that you can see without going insane when in It's base It preferred to be a spider, if you want to go insane, the option is the deadlights.
  • We are going to talk about the bad guys now... but there may be some heavy hope you're buckled up and don't forget to hold tight to your seat belt...
  • A little bit more on Henry: he had a group of cronies that followed him around. The group consisted of: Victor Criss, Reginald 'Belch' Huggins, Patrick Hockstetter, and some guy they called Moose.
  • Henry Bowers is the bully of the Losers Cub and was abused, goes insane, kills his father, and is killed by a glass of Perrier water, the bottle stabbing him in the heart.
  • Thrice when It is seen in spider form, the thought is, and i quote: "OH GOD ITS FEMALE"
  • The fricking 1950s style hair is fricking hilarious to think about in my opinion as well as comparing the book to the movie like, for example, Victor looks like an emo in the movie but has a kind of Elvis pompadour thing going on in the book as well as most of the 'bad boys' using grease like a hecking greaser.
  • Just some side things I thought were interesting...
  • I think It has a short temper and lack of an ability to understanding human determination.
  • Bev and Bill are in love as children, and bill only falls in love with her after their first encounter with It, and then Bev falls in love with the boy who loved through everything: Ben and I think that's very cute.
  • All characters are in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade at the beginning.
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